The government is becoming stricter when it comes to collecting taxes. That can be difficult for entrepreneurs. And then it is nice to be able to trust that we are always fully informed on the latest changes and regulations. This means no surprises. It is obvious that we organize all declarations for you, both the business and your private declarations. If necessary we also handle any objections or appeals and provide fiscal and legal advice of the highest level.

The government is becoming stricter when it comes to collecting taxes. This means that it is important for you as an entrepreneur that you are always ‘up to date’. This prevents an unnecessary and cost-increasing fine. Amstellanden processes the declarations digitally (‘electronically’) and keeps track of deadlines and responses. This will ensure that you are always up to date, and there will never be any surprises.

Moreover, you can be confident that we are always up to date with the latest developments, even is something changes in the regulations or procedures. That is another concern less for you.

In good consultation we provide the periodic business returns such as turnover tax (VAT), payroll tax (PAYE) and corporation tax (VPB). Obviously you will always have the last say. We discuss the annual corporation tax in a thorough manner, and not in a single meeting. By the end of each year, we determine the state of affairs together, so that we can prepare ourselves in a sound and thoughtful manner to draft the Annual Accounts for filing and reporting to the Tax authority.

In our (integral) vision, this should always be well attuned to your private situation (and that of your partner). We are also happy to take care of the Income Tax returns (IT) with you.

Our services do not stop at processing the declarations. We can also take care of any objections, appeals, complaints or procedures. Our tax consultants and lawyers are also very experienced in this field and are able to turn one’s hand to anything. Therefore we can also council in case of disputes or apply and manage fiscal ‘rulings’ (customized agreements with the tax authorities).

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