We like working for our clients in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. But we also have a broad international experience. With this cross-border knowledge and expertise we help our clients with their international ambitions. For example in international growth, cooperation, outsourcing or managing foreign channels for distribution, purchases and production.

Our vision is that we as an accountant want to be close to our client. Literally and figuratively. That is why we concentrate on Amsterdam and its surroundings. Amsterdam at the same time has an international allure, and that is why we also have a lot of clients who do business internationally. Not only Dutch entrepreneurs who trade abroad, but also foreign companies that do business here in Amsterdam. Our team is attuned to this. Amstellanden has ample experience and the right knowledge to support international activities.

We also have a good network of international institutions, including of course the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in order to optimally assist our clients. In addition to expert accountants and tax specialists, we also have business experts and HRM specialists with international experience.

Our international knowledge and experience includes setting up foreign branches, setting up international structures, moving companies, taking care of international tax matters, both for your company and for yourself. Moreover, our tax specialists are very well versed in the complex world of international tax treaties. If necessary, we will gladly go with you.

We also assist international working personnel, for example with tax issues as a ‘salary split’ or the 30-percent-scheme (30% regulation). We do this through our Global Mobility Program, in which in addition to all administrative and tax matters, we also take care of work and residence permits, visas, insurance, travel expenses, and, if desired, we provide services with regards to housing and other support services.

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