Complex tax issues require a fiscal specialist. Our experienced tax advisers all previously worked as a tax inspector or as a tax specialist at large firms. They are, like no other, capable of answering all your tax related questions and can assist you where necessary. Because tax issues can also offer opportunities: in order to optimize your tax position, you at the right address with Amstellanden.

Amstellanden has a team of expert and experienced tax consultants who are happy to assist you in organizing your tax affairs.

Often a tax adviser or tax specialist is only consulted when something is wrong. Obviously, these issues must then be tackled and adequately resolved. That is what we do. We handle objections and appeals, and guide you through the procedures. We are also happy to assist you in case of an audit of the books.

In addition, it is wise to look ahead. To brainstorm together with us about how your company can perform best in terms of tax. For example, there are various innovation schemes for which you may be eligible. Sometimes special agreements can be made with the Tax Authorities, a so-called ‘ruling’ that provides clarity for the future. It is also important to consider matters over several years, so that stability and optimization is created in the field of taxes.

For international issues you are also at the right address. We guide various entrepreneurs in realizing their international ambitions. Especially in this period in which the social outlook on these issues is changing, it is good to look at this with an expert eye!

Amstellanden looks ahead with an integral vision. That is why we also look at your private situation. It almost always pays to have our specialists make a fiscal optimization of both your business and private life. In addition to the company, there are often other things with a tax-technical side in the private life, such as estate planning, inheritance tax (inheritance), prenuptial agreements or a family statute. We are happy to help.

The tax consultants and tax specialists of Amstellanden all have the right background and experience. As Inspector at the Tax Authorities or as an expert at one of the large firms. Through this experience they know the solutions and the ways to get there like no other. We are happy to use this knowledge and expertise for the benefit of our clients.

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