Every month the payroll administration can be a lot of work. We like to make it easy for you. We take care of the monthly payroll administration, the digital payslips, annual statements, journal entries and payment statements and the monthly electronic Payroll tax declaration. Of course more is also possible; we will gladly discuss all the possibilities for your company with you!

Every month (or any other period) the payroll administration can be lot of work. We like to make it easy for you. With our smart, digital systems we take a lot of work out off your hands. In addition the systems also ensure the correct link with your administration and the tax authorities for the online Payroll Tax declaration. This way no data has to be entered twice, you are avoiding the risk of errors and you also save costs.

Amstellanden (generally) provides the monthly payroll administration for your company, including the digital payslips for your personnel, and the digital annual statements. We also take care of the electronic Payroll Tax declaration, set up the correct journal posts (and book the posts if required) and provide payment statements. This obviously requires the processing of all approved declarations, and reimbursements of transport and expenses. If necessary, we provide pro-forma calculations for salaries (gross-net calculations and vice versa). If your company is entitled to special tax allowances for employees, such as the WBSO, we will help you to adjust the administration and the processing thereof in the payroll administration. Thanks to Amstellanden, you as an entrepreneur, no longer have to worry about the monthly salary administration.

You always remain ‘in control’ yourself. Through our smart online systems you can enter all personnel mutations. In addition, it is possible to link a time registration system so that the hours worked by your employees are always well registered and digitally approved before they are processed in the payroll administration and the business administration.

Amstellanden is also the right choice for working with freelancers or international personnel. We also offer the possibility of supplying additional HR services in line with the salary administration.

Feel free to contact us to hear what we can do for your situation!

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